Pechey Homestead is located at Listening Ridge, Pechey. It is a working farm located between Hampton and Crows Nest (40 km north of Toowoomba) and about two kilometres off the New England Highway, near the historic town of Pechey. The farm is 280 acres and includes forestry stands of hardwoods and hoop pine, each stand is about 30 acres. Of importance is a reserve of 11 acres of Semi Evergreen Vine Thicket which is under environmental management with support from a SEQ Water Grant. A herd of placid Black Angus cattle graze the fertile pastures.

The second residence of the Pechey family the Homestead was built in 1921. The residence used local timber – iron bark, Australian cedar, silky oak and hoop, sourced from the Albert Mill at Pechey. With extensive (around 2 acres) of well-kept gardens, the residence sits high on “Listening Ridge” with panoramic views across the valley to Crows Nest and down into the Brisbane Valley. Adjacent to the residence is a large tract of regrowth semi evergreen vine thicket, which offers environment walks and great bird watching.

Owners John O’Brien and  Elizabeth  Pechey have upgraded the two accomodation cottages and gladly welcome guests to share their high county farm.



Edward Wilmot Pechey was born in Colchester England in 1841 travelling to Newcastle in 1857 and then to Brisbane in 1859, working for the Surveyor-General on the survey of the Downs. He established the Albert sawmill at what became known as Pechey in the 1860’s. He married Ellen Bond in 1872 and built a house on the hill above the mill.

In 1893 financial depression left Pechey technically bankrupt. His son’s William Wilmot and Alfred Edward travelled to WA and worked for the Canning Jarrah timber mills until their return in 1904 upon the death of Edward Wilmot. They built a new mill at Mt Binga, however after Williams death in 1915 Alfred wound up the Pechey estate and the mill at Pechey was closed in 1924. Alfred had turned to farming and established a farm on the eastern part of the estate, building a new house which he called Listening Ridge in 1921.

In time Alfred’s two sons, Peter and William Ronald took over running of the farm until Peter left in the 1960’s.William Ronald died in 1986 being survived by his wife Shirley and four daughters. William Ronald and Shirley”s youngest daughter Elizabeth with husband John recently recovered the termite damaged garage converting it to a historical studio which captures the history of Pechey and the Pechey family. The studio known as “Gill’s studio” is managed by Elizabeth’s sister, Gillian.

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